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Server Staff Ranks  


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Owner – This is the network founder and owner of the gaming connection community. They are rumors that he plays on the servers but we have no data for some reason to back that up.

Co-Owner – The same as the owner they didn’t found the community but have earned the rank for their loyalty as staff and to the community

Community Manager – This is the highest administrator and is in charge of making the wishes of the owners come to reality. They are directly in charge of all network staff.

Social Media Manager – Their roles to the spread the awesomeness that is gaming connection on all of our social media accounts.

 Ops Manager – This is the head of the development teams for the network, they ensure all the developers are doing their jobs.

Network Administrator – They oversee a set number of servers on the network to ensure everything is working at 100 percent and that there are cohesion between the server admins and developers to ensure everything is getting done in a timely manner.


***Server Ranks do vary per server and may not all be the same.****


Developer – They are here to make new ideas become reality for each community they are responsible for and ensures the server is constantly up (Their sole job on the server is to have fun and develop for their server, they have no administrative power.)

Lead Administrator – Is the server admin for a given community server and is fully in charge of the staff of given server to ensure a friendly climate is always given to our players. They also coordinate with our developers

Administrator – Lead mods report directly to the server administrator and are in charge of the full staff of any given server.

Lead Moderator – they are tasked specifically in handling key tasks on the server and training the assistant moderators.

Moderator – This is our common staff member they are in charge of enforcing the rules and making sure no one get into verbal fights or cause drama on the servers.

Assistant Moderator – This are staff members in training and are learning the ropes for the support team.


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