Lib’s Disguises

What is Lib’s Disguises?

Lib’s Disguises is a disguise plugin that lets you disguise any entity, as any entity. You can fully customize all these disguises, tons of command functionality and even apply special effects to disguises that would normally require a lot of hackery!

Such as creating a player disguise called “Notch”, but he’s always sneaking!

Disguise every creeper as a friendly villager! Heck, disguise as a creeper and hiss at your friends! Disguise as a dropped diamond block and snicker as they try to pick you up!

Part of Lib’s Disguises functionality is the ability to let you see your own disguises!

Be sure to checkout the wiki for more help on what exactly you can do!



This command will disguise yourself.


Use this to slip out of your clingy disguise